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Folk architecture

Folk architecture

The Plzeň region has numerous sights of folk architecture from different historic periods. These often originated from inspirations brought back by the local bricklayers and stuccoers seeking work abroad and in foreign countries.

Houses with semi-hipped roof are typical of the Šumava region but there can also be found classic log houses, often with a belfry at the house gable. The rural architecture style with typi­cal brick-and-timber constructions can still be seen in the villages of the Chodsko district such as Trhanov, Újezd (the Kozina house) and others. Picturesque small villages with interesting wooden and stone houses are scattered all over the region. One of the oldest wooded constructions in Bohemia is in Lučice near Chuden­ice. Pretentious farm houses of the Plzeň style can be found in Koterov and Černice. Numerous log houses are located in the Rokycany district, and timber-and-brick houses of the German style are quite common in the Tachov district and north of Plzeň. To preserve the folk architectural heritage, village conservation zones have been established at 47 locations. An open-air museum of folk architecture in the Klatovy district is being built in Chanovice.

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