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Museums and galleries

Museums and galleries

In Plzeňský kraj, you can find 40 museums of various sizes, collection sizes and orientations. Most of them are generally focused on regional history and geography and have a varying degree of further specialisation.

The oldest museums include Západočeské muzeum v Plzni (West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen), Muzeum Šumavy Sušice (Museum of Šumava in Sušice), Vlastivědné muzeum Dr. Hostaše (Geographic Museum of Mr. Hostaš) in Klatovy and Muzeum Chodska (Museum of Chodsko) in Domažlice. Their establishment dates back to the end of the 19th century.

The Marionette Museum – is part of the West-Bohemian Museum in Pilsen. It is located in the historic burgher house in the Náměstí republiky. Exhibitions: nomadic societies, the beginnings of permanent theatres in Pilsen, Josef Skupa and Spejbl and Hurvinek, amateur ensembles of the past, the contemporary scene.

Museum and gallery of North Pilsen district in Mariánská Týnice- iMuseum and gallery is situated in building of former pilgrimage place, which history is connected with Cistercian monastery in Plasy. Mariánská Týnice gained its present image in the firs half of the 18th century. Church of Zvěstování Panny Marie (Preach of the Virgin) with provostery and arcade were built by project of Jan Blažej Santini. The foundation-stone for the Baroque building was placed by the Plasy Abbot Evžen Tyttl in 1711. At grandiose building also later abbots continued and building of the mall continued to 1777, when a new church was blessed. The church stays at ground plan of isosceles cross, in which middle there is mighty dome ended by lantern, renewed in 2000. On the south side of the church there is an ilusive Baroque altar. To the west from the church there is an arcade decorated by frescos from painter F. J. Lux. Building of the provostery turned by its facade to the south has in ground plan shape "T", referred to the name of the builder - abbot Tyttl. Towers of the provostery, in which there are clocks and bells, were renewed in 1993 and 1994. In the refectory there is preserved a fresco that is portraying monks by ceremonial repast with The Virgin and Angel and donating of Mariánská Týnice to the Cistercian order by Roman from Týnice in 1230.

Baroque Pharmacy White Unicorn in Klatovy - The exhibition is a  branch of the national museum of Dr. Hostaš in Klatovy. It is located in the historic burgher house, where the running of a pharmacy is documented as far back as 1639. It represents a unique site in the Czech Republic aimed at the pharmacy of the 16th to the 18th century. Exhibition: historical equipment of the preparatory room, the interior being that of the original Jesuit pharmacy dating from 1733.

Techmania science center - Techmania Science Centre – The Techmania Science Centre is an interactive museum. Here you can find answers to questions such as what happens to you when you get hit by 200,000 volts; experience a visible manifestation of the invisible; or see how nature has inspired us. You can try to act as a presenter - and see what it is like to hear your own speech relayed. Come and explore our four Techmania exhibitions.
Would you like to be entertained while learning something new? Do you want to figure things out? Are you at a loss about what is Ohm's law, momentum, or the Pythagoras theorem? You have not met with them - never understood them - or have already forgotten  them? You may be surprised how simple it is. Our Edutorium features more than 60 interactive exhibits. Some are funny, some surprising, but all are interesting. Handling the exhibits is fun, but you will also discover how and why things work. You'll find that science and technology surround us at every step and that physics and mathematics are hidden in ordinary things which we encounter every day. And it will not be boring. You will see what happens in a vacuum. You
will discover the attraction of  magnets -  and the courageous can reach out to touch 200, 000 volts. You'll be experimenting with sound, play with colours, with light as well as shadows. Let yourself be beautifully fooled by optical illusions. Explore the human body and see the microcosm. Let's play and do not hesitate to explore
TOP SECRET is the name of a new exhibition. From the 4th November 2009 you have been able to explore the side of society which you normally do not encounter: spies, how they work, what techniques are used to penetrate into our privacy. The TOP SECRET atmosphere is full of mysteries. Try to pull away the curtain. Visitors can learn about science and have fun when examining areas such as espionage, security, forensics and cryptology. Throughout the tour the visitor feels that things are not always what they seem. You feel that you never know if someone intercepts or monitors you – especially after finding that you can do it to others.
MáToHáček (There’sACatch)
For small folk and grown-ups both there is a playful exhibition MáToHáček with lots of games, toys and puzzles. The smallest play the fishermen, build a colourful rooster or build a tower of Jenga blocks. The eggheads of all generations have four dozen puzzles - from easy to very difficult. You will find the Apple Worm, traditional Hedgehog in a Cage, soft Japanese Puzzle, Chinese Tangram puzzle, and many more. You are sure to be tormented by the secret of the safe, or Escher’s mirror images. Skilful hands and a lot of patience will be required when juggling the plate, Ladybird on a Tree or The Uncertain Hand. Kaleidoscopes will enchant you - dot relief will surprise you. In the darkened area the Lava Lamp and the Plasma Lamp will beckon. MáToHáček will help you to understand some of the mysteries of some of the physical laws. And it will definitely be entertaining!
The Škoda Exhibition
Do you know how many buildings were originally owned by the largest arsenal in the monarchy? That besides tanks, Skoda produced helms for ocean-going ships? Do you know anybody from the Skoda family? Do you know that the new articulated Skoda trolleybuses have the same carrying capacity as a Boeing 737? Or where in Pilsen you can walk over the first bridge in the world with a completely welded structure? In our Škoda exhibition you can get acquainted with the historical development of the Skoda works from their inception to the present form. You can literally go through the timeline and stop at key moments with products that have captivated the world. You can get information from video panels, audio and videosequences and other sources. You will see a refurbished steam turbine from 1922 - complete and capable of functioning; models of locomotives and factories; working models of trolleybuses; examples of historic tools ... You create a sense of what the world-famous company Skoda's past, present, and future is like.

The Brothers Špillars Gallery in Domažlice - The gallery is a branch of the Museum of Chodenland in Domažlice, based in new premises at 265, Msgr. B. Staška Street. It is focused on the work of the brothers Špillar with themes of the Chodenland; the collection includes pictures and graphics from the 18th to 20th century. Exhibitions: 1st section: Brothers Špillar pictures and other exhibits.  2nd section: contemporary and older art, Czech as well as foreign artists.

West-Bohemian gallery in Pilsen - West-Bohemian gallery in Pilsen is in its work of collection creation aimed mainly on Czech fine art from Gothic to present day. Especially valuable collection comprises art of the 19th century and first half of the 20th century, where almost all important artists are represented by their productions, often in compact developmental sets. For example production of J. Navrátil, K. Purkyně, M. Aleš, J. Mařák, A. Chittussi, Fr. Tichý and many others. Also set of Mikoláš Aleš`s painting pasteboards with scenes intended for facades of Pilsen houses belongs to important units. Valuable one is pasteboard Žalov, supporting steady for foyer of National Theatre. Many collection subjects were presented not only in national exhibition halls, but also in many foreign countries. For example M.B.Braun`s plastic sculpture of Annunciation, Alfons Mucha`s production, Preisler`s triptych Spring, M.Švabinský`s portrait of Ely, Toyen`s and J.Šíma`s paintings and drawings.


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