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Pilsen - Great Synagogue

Pilsen - Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue survived the Nazi occupation and more recently has been expensively repaired. Today it is regularly used in addition to sightseeing as a concert and exhibition hall.

It is the second largest synagogue in Europe and third largest in the world, and was built in a mixture of styles from the onion domes of a Russian orthodox church, to an Islamic-style ceiling. The foundation stone was laid on the 2nd December 1888. The original plans were drawn up by a Viennese architect, Fleischer. Construction of the synagogue was completed in 1893 and had been funded by voluntary donations of the members of the Jewish community. From 1893, the synagogue served its purpose until the Holocaust. After the World War II was returned to the Jewish community but that did not have enough money any more. It was only thanks to the contribution from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic (of approximately 5 million CZK) that it was possible to carry out essential building works.

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