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Stock Plzeň-Božkov

Stock Plzeň-Božkov

The history of the biggest domestic spirit producer started in the Italian port of Trieste, then in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The history of the biggest domestic spirit producer started in the Italian port of Trieste, then in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. There, in 1884, Lionello Stock founded the  amis and Stock distillery that soon supplied its products to all countries within the Empire. In 1920, Lionello Stock acquired the existing distillery in Božkov near Plzeň and named it Stock Cognac Medicinal. In the beginning, the Božkov plant served the purpose of a bottling facility for the products imported from Trieste, but soon it started to produce its own assortment of spirits. For many years, the main product line of the Božkov plant was cognac (brandy). The bitter Fernet Stock came in existence in 1927. After the Velvet Revolution in 1989 the distillery was transformed into an independent joint-stock company. All operational profits were reinvested in the production technology while the production and sales of the Fernet Stock brand started to grow fast. In 1993, the original company owner, Stock Trieste, became a major shareholder
of Stock Plzeň. Two years later, Stock became part of the Eckes Group, the biggest European producer of spirits and fruit juices. At the moment, Stock Plzeň-Božkov is the biggest and most successful company in its class in Czech Republic. The flagship among the company products is Fernet Stock, by far the most popular domestic spirit. Jointly with its Citrus variety, it dominates the spirit market of Czech Republic. Other brands made and marketed by Stock Plzeň-Božkov include the smooth liquor Magister, high-quality Amundsen vodka and its fruit-flavoured varieties, Božkov Tuzemský, Whisky Cream Stock, Whisky Printer’s and Brandy Stock Original. Stock Plzeň is also a distributor of premium foreign products such as Irish whisky Tullamore Dew, Irish cream liquor Carolans or French cognac Chantré. Since 2004, Stock Plzeň have been active in a new market sector and distributed selected wine brands. The flagship of the Wines Division is the Král Vinohradu family of quality wines. In 2005, included in the wine assortment were imported products of the brand Great Southern Wines. Contact: Stock Plzeň, a.s., Palírenská 2, 326 00 Plzeň-Božkov, GPS – 49°43‘51.809“N, 13°25‘8.016“E
:+420 378 081 111, e-mail, T-shirts, caps and rucksacks in the colours of popular Stock drinks can be bought via the Internet Stock Shop (

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