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Technical heritage memorials

Technical heritage memorials

Artefacts documenting the technological developments from ancient times to the beginning of industry in Bohemia are exhibited by several museums in the region.

The Brewery Museum and the Škoda Museum in Plzeň, the Crafts Museum in Koloveč and the Dr Bohuslav Horák museum in Rokycany which has a collection of stone-age artefacts and an exhibition documenting the history of iron production, are just a few examples. At Železná Ruda the glass making tradition of the district is the subject of a local theme path. Interesting technological sights such as the throat of a melting furnace and the production hall of the first Vallenstein factory can be found in Sedlec. These date from the mid 19th century and eventually gave rise to the Škoda Works in Plzeň. The first industries in the region are com­memorated by technological monuments such as the water-powered iron-mill in Dobřív or the Vchynicko-tetovský canal, which was used to float timber from the Šumava inland. There are numerous other examples of unique technological projects and constructions which including a pump storage water-power plant at Černé lake, the historic water power plant on the Vydra at Čeňkova Pila which dates to the begin­ning of the 20th century, or the railway bridge over the Klabava valley near Chrást.

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