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The best of the region


The best of the region and The most interesting attractions in the whole Pilsen region

1.Rotunda of St. Peter and Paul in Starý Plzenec – the old est integral architectural landmark in Bohemia

2.St. Bartholomew´s Cathedral in Pilsen – the tallest church spire in Bohemia (102,26 m )

3.Republic Town Square of Pilsen – one of the largest medieval town squares in the Czech Republic
4.Synagogue in Pilsen – the second largest in Europe and the third largest in the world, synagogues in Jerusalem and Budapest being the largest
5.Pilsen – Brewery Museum in Pilsen – the old est museum of its kind in the world, preserved in the original medieval brewery house
6.West-Bohemian Museum in Pilsen – the largest collection of Gothic harquebus guns in Europe
7.Zoological and botanical garden in Pilsen – the only facility in the Czech Republic combining both zoological and botanical gardens; these two gardens have been operating since 1981 in Lochotín city part, neighbouring the largest amphitheatre in the central Europe
8.Pilsen – Bory (town district) (1911) – the oldest airport in the Czech Republic.
9.Pilsen – the first airplane of Czechoslovak production took off on April 27; 1919 at Bory airport in Pilsen.
10.Pilsen – "Na Spilce" restaurant – the largest beer hall in Bohemia can be found in Pilsen, in the premises of Plzeňský Prazdroj brewery – it has 580 places
11.Pilsen – the first Czech book, „the Troyan Chronicle“, was printed in Pilsen in 1468.
12.Starý Plzenec – Church of Virgin Mary´s Birth – the most valuable cultural monument of region – gothic murals from the year 1351. The most valuable part christological cycle on the left side of presbytery – total of 28 pictures/symbols/visions („Bible of poors“)
13.St. Vitus Church and its double-headed altar in Dobřany – one of the most interesting Baroque buildings in Bohemia, the only one of this value in Middle Europe
14.Monastery in Plasy – the greatest convent builging was erected on oak piles in Europe (the building is situated on 5100 ak piles according to sources). She was built according to plans J. B. Santiniho for the cistercian friary in the period 1711-1739)
15.The water-powered iron-mill in Dobřív – the greatest and the most remarkable technical monument (technical heritage memorials) of its kind in the Czech Republic
16.Historical Museum of Military at the line of demarcation in Rokycany – the only museum at the line of demarcation
17.Rabštejn nad Střelou – the smallest town of Bohemia and central Europe
18.Riding-hall in Světce at the Tachov district – the 2nd biggest pseudoromanesque riding-hall in Europe
19.City walls in Tachov – rarely well-preserved system of the town entrenchment from 14th century, it belongs to the most preserved ones in Bohemia, map
20.Monastery in Kladruby – established in the year 1115 with unique view piont, monastery of Virgin Mary´s Assumption, belongs to the largest sancta in Bohemia
21.Konstantinovy Lázně – carbonated mineral water which contains the highest concentration of natural carbon dioxide of all Czech mineral springs
22.Domažlice – oblique tower – unique tower of archdeacon´s church of cilindroid style
23.Horšovský Týn – state castle and chateau – well-preserved gothic castle chapel (in Bohemia were preserved only two ones – in Horšovský Týn and in Křivoklát)
24.Chodsko – the most well-established ethnical district in Bohemia
25.Unique monumental glass altar in the Church of St. Vintíř in Dobrá Voda nearby Hartmanice – the only one of its kind in the world, Church of St. Vintíř is one of just two churchs of this sanctification in the world
26.Matches factory in Sušice – the oldest manufacturing of matches in Bohemia (started in 1839).
27.Sedlo near Sušice (902 meters above see level) – one of the highest situated celtic fortified settlements in Bohemia, 2500 years old
28.Šumava Mountains and Czech Forest Mountains (jointly with the neighbouring Bavaria Forest) – the most extensive forest belt in Middle Europe
29.Rabí stronghold – the largest stronghold ruins in Bohemia
30.Kašperk castle – the highest situated royal castle in Bohemia (886 m)
31.Velhartice – quite unique monument (in European and our castle architecture) is the stone bridge with 4 spans at the round and one prismal pillar linking Rajský dům (Rajský house) with Putná tower in one unit
32.Filipova Huť 1093 meters above see level – the highest situated place in the Czech Republic
33.Černé lake in the Šumava 18,4 hectares – the greatest lake in the Czech Republic, max depth 40,6 m.
34.Rail tunnel on the railway Klatovy – Železná Ruda (below the Špičák gap) – the longest rail tunnel in the Czech Republic – 1747 m.
35.The Odlezelské (or Mladotické) Lake – the youngest lake in the Czech republic that originates from 25th May 1872 as the result of disastrous cloudbursts
36.Baroque Chemist's "U Bílého jednorožce" - unique exposition of pharmacy describes development of this "craft" since 1776 ti 1966, when the Chemist's finished its activity
37.Catacombs in Klatovy - mysterious underground area, where about 30 mummified bodys of Jesuit order members lie
38.Ceramic pylon in Pilsen - the highest (10 m) ceramic object, rotated at potter's wheel, in the world. It is made from 4,5 tons of clay by Westbohemian artist Ivan Hostaša. The pylon is written down in the Guiness Book of Records
39.At the site of the Zbiroh medieval castle, there is a 163m deep well of oblong shape, hewn in solid rock. It ranks among the deepest wells in Europe.

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