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Few cities in Bohemia can boast of such a long theatrical tradition as that on which the classic JK Tyl Theatre is built; and there is also the top theatre Alfa, aimed at children and young people,...

Few cities in Bohemia can boast of such a long theatrical tradition as that on which the classic JK Tyl Theatre is built; and there is also the top theatre Alfa, aimed at children and young people, as well as wide range of alternative and club scenes. The official programme is supplemented by fifteen non-professional theatres, acting on stage of Theatre Dialogue and dozens of clubs with their own musical agenda.

Alfa Theatre – Pilsen is a town with a long and famous marionette tradition, represented  by THE PUPPET SUMMER CAMPS and names of the folklore marionette maker Karel Novák, the "father" of the world-famous  marionettes  Spejbl and Hurvínek and of Professor J.Skupy and his pupil – later the creator of  notorious marionette films - Jiří Trnka. In the years 1930-1943 this was the base of the first professional marionette theatre in the Czech Republic – THE PILSEN PUPPET THEATRE PROF. J.SKUPA (relocated to Prague after the war).

The Dialogue Theatre – The entrance for the audience is located at 9 Smetanovy sady  Pilsen. The Pilsen non-professional Dialogue Theatre is home to 15 theatre companies, oriented mainly on drama. During the long years of its existence these companies have staged many performances. The prestige of the theatre at the European level is shown by the production Přelet, which was chosen to represent the Czech Republic at the European festival in Paderborn, Germany.

The Miroslav Horníček Theatre - This theatre has undergone reconstruction after the 2002 floods and represents an attractive location for theatrical performances. There is an auditorium for an audience of 290. The premises of the theatre can be used for company events, or theatre performances; there are hostesses, and refreshments in the form of a buffet. The Miroslav Horníček Theatre is based in Dům Kultury Inwest in Americká třídě. Miroslav Horníček was a native of Pilsen and came to theatre through a Pilsen amateur group.

Stálá divadelní scéna Klatovy (The Permanent Theatre Scene Klatovy) – this was established in 1963 as a successor of Western touring theatre Klatovy, where appeared  leading actors of Czech theatrical scene - such as Alois Švehlík, Pavel Landovský, Milan Klásek .... Permanent Theatre Scene (hereinafter referred to as SDS) is currently based in the Klatovy theatre, which was built in 1920, but in the years 1968-70 underwent extensive reconstruction. It is also developing its activities in other cities - Sušice and Horažďovice. It offers its audience a wide repertoire of varied genres: plays, classical music concerts, club performances, theatre performances and concerts for children and young people, fairy tales for parents with children and concerts of pop-music and brass bands. For regular visitors to Klatovy, Sušice and Horažďovice there are organised subscriber groups that offer financial benefits. For the general public there is a wide choice of events, charged for on a one-off basis.

Velké divadlo J.K.Tyla (The Great J.K.Tyl Theatre) – The site of the theatre of Josef Tyl Kajetán builds on a long theatrical tradition, the first performance in Pilsen having taken place as long ago as 1759.  In 1902 the new theatre designed by architect Antonin Balšánek was built. The building in Neo-Renaissance style with rich artistic decoration of the facade and interior is an architectural gem of the city. Four theatre groups have programmes, opera, drama, ballet and operetta - but also musicals. J.K.Tyl’s Theatre has two permanent stages – The Great Theatre and the Chamber Theatre, the latter focused mainly on drama. Since 1993 both host the International Theatre Festival which attracts famous foreign groups.


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