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Winter Delights

When it is freezing hard and the countryside is covered with snow, the delights of winter are at their best in the Plzeň region. The main winter-sport resorts in the Šumava mountains are Železná Ruda, Prášily, Srní and Modrava; they all offer a wide variety of skiing slopes, cross-country skiing tracks and snowboarding slopes. The total length of skiing slopes in the area is 45 km, and the existing 50 ski-tows have an average hourly capacity of 30,000 people.

Down-hill skiing

While most of the skiing slopes are found around Železná Ruda, the largest skiing centre of the whole Šumava region is Špičák where the choice of skiing slopes will satisfy both active sportsmen, whether skiers or snowboarders, and beginners, including families with small children. Under good snow conditions the skiing slopes in Hojsova Stráž and Javorná add to the sporting capacities of the area. In the Bohemian Forest (Český les) the best known skiing slope is at Přimda. Sádek near Capartice is the leading winter sports centre of the Domažlice district. In addition to these, ever more skiing slopes are maintained using artificial snow, so that the winter sports season in Špičák can be over 100 days long. Also, in the district of Železná Ruda, there are several skiing schools.

Cross-country skiing

In truth the Šumava offers ideal terrains for cross-country skiing and ski tourism. Carefully maintained skiing tracks of the total length of over 70 km can be found near the villages of Kvilda, Horská Kvilda, Modrava and Filipova Huť and on the large surrounding plateaus at an altitude of about 1,000 metres above the sea level. From there, trips can be made to the springs of the Vltava river, to Březník, the Tříjezerní swamp and other enchanting locations in the deep forests at the border of the country. If you are lucky, you may even meet Kateřina Neumannová who often stays here to train for her future races in which she competes against the world’s women cross-country elite.

Many other resorts are also beginning to establish themselves as popular ski tourism centres. For example, tens of kilometres of tourist cross-country tracks are maintained in the vicinity of Srní and Prášily. From Srní you can make a trip along the Vchynicko-tetovský canal to Modrava, or go from Prášily to Poledník, Prášilské lake or the Laka lake. Fifty-five kilometres of cross-country skiing tracks are also maintained around Železná Ruda with a large car-park at Gerlova Huť. It is also the case that the track leading to the frontier crossing of Ferdinandovo údolí has connections to the cross-country tracks around Zwieslerwaldhaus in Bavaria. Within 20 km of the frontier crossing in Železná Ruda there are another five Bavarian cross-country skiing resorts. In the Bohemian Forest you will find cross-country tracks around Capartice.

Apart from the regularly maintained and marked cross-country tracks, skiers can use most of the marked cycling and pedestrian trails in the Šumava and the Bohemian Forest. There you will meet fewer people and the undisturbed white expanses of snow will be all yours. And should you come to the Brdy in the Rokycany district, the largest inland mountain range, you would be able to enjoy truly virginal scenery far away from human turmoil and haste.

Ice-skating and Gliding

Ice-skating enthusiasts should visit the ice stadiums in Plzeň, Třemošná, Rokycany, Tachov, Sušice or Klatovy. However, when the more permanent frosts set in, thousands of children and adults invariably come to the numerous lakes found all over the region, where improvised ice rings accommodate exciting ice-hockey matches and figure-skating exhibitions. In the lowlands where the snow does not usually stay long on the ground, every small hill or slope in the towns and villages swarm with children on skis, sledges and various makeshift means of enjoying the snow whilst it lasts.


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