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ITEP 2012

ITEP 2012

After three days in a new hall TJ Lokomotiva in Úslavská street at Slovany in Pilsen, the 8th year of the Tourism Expo ITEP ended at Saturday on September 22.

Also this year, lovers of all kinds of travel and tourism came into their own at the 3rd largest Tourism Expo in the Czech Republic. They could know various places in the Pilsen Region but also in the Czech Republic and foreign countries, and get complete information about them thanks to the ITEP. Traditionally, they carried off maps; bicycle maps; stays, hotels and accommodation offers; travel prospectuses and other tourism materials from the Expo.

Organisers of the Pilsen Region Travel Expo confirmed that 101 exhibitors participated at 112 exhibitions this year. Newly the Olomouc Region was represented here. Foreign exhibitions were 20% of all exhibitors.  Especially, an offer from Bavarian borderland expanded, and a lift cabin for people in love and newly married couples that will take up interested people to the highest peak of the Bavarian forest Javor– Grosser Arber met with great interest. A total almost 12,000 visitors visited the Expo within 3 days.

„As early as in September, the Expo ITEP presentation allowed the use of neighbouring outdoor spaces of the hall,  which, among others, ensure an access adapted for wheelchairs, good accessibility by public trasport and also by car, and parking on a much large scale. A varied accompanying progam, such as competitions, interactive entertainment for children and adults, practice outdoor activities (via ferrata, slackline, climbing wall, played tales and legends of the Pilsen Region, exhibition of Czech and Slovak traditional crafts, magics and woodoo and also tattoo) was prepared for general public,“ mentions list of the Expo perks Alena Svobodova, the head of the Department for Culture, Preservation of Monuments and Tourism at KÚPK.

During the Expo, pipers and jazzmans played, and majorettes and other dance grous performed. A great exhibition within the outdoor space was payed to the cultural potential of the Pilsen Region country, called „Country Expo“. Individual Local action groups created a colourful map of the region using the  „puzzle“ composed of various objects, exhibits and productions. It laso included creative workshops for children.

A launching ceremony of a cookbook „S trochou nostalgie aneb jak se vařilo a jedlo za císaře pána“ by Mirka Kuntzmannová, that could be bought here, was also realized at the Expo. Movie fans were delighted by „premiere swallow“ of a new movie „Cesta do lesa“ by Tomáš Vorel, that was shot in our region“, adds Václav Koubík, the Councillor for Culture, Preservation of Monuments and Tourism.

The main attraction for the general public was Bavarian Saturday. It offered a presentation of folk crafts, typical cultural art of German guests, Bavarian traditions, presentation of the region as well as local culinary specialities. Tasting of the Pilsner Urquell, a.s. products and tasting of regional food and culinary specialities from other parts of the Czech Republic and foreign countries were the whole Expo.

This year’s Expo was under the auspices of the Minister for Regional Development of the Czech Republic - Ing. Kamil Jankovský and a head manager of the Czech Toursim agency - Ing. Rostislav Vondruška.

The CzechToursim was presented at two exhibition stands at the ITEP, where among others presented the web portal „Kudy z nudy“- catalogue of tips not only for trips. The web portal brings lovers of exploring trips and untraditional experiences an overview of interesting activities and upcoming events from the Czech Republic. At the same time, it informed visitors about the successful project Czech Specials or Taste the Czech Republic, which is trying to inform about tourist regions and make them attractive by means of culinary specialities. An another topic for presentation for this year‘s ITEP will be spas.

The motto of this year‘s ITEP 2012: come, discover, taste and let to increase your heartbeat, was fulfilled successfully and completely.

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