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If you come to the region around Přeštice will offer you several options of interesting places which even the smallest children will enjoy.

You can visit an exhibition of goblins and ghosts at the castle of Švihov; see castle rooms which inform us of the life on the estates and of the water fortification; discover interesting nooks and mysterious walls of the castle kitchen of the ruins of Roupov; cool off in the waters of the Merklínský lake; and you will be amazed by the grace of Nebílovy chateau where you will be informed of the life of the chateau in times past.
One of the places that should not be overlooked is the water castle Švihov. The castle can be found in the village of the same name, with parking next to the castle. The core of the castle consists of two residential wings which enclose a regular internal courtyard. Around it there was a forecourt with towers and a moat, which, along with several adjacent ponds created an artificial island.
Especially for kids, there is a separate exhibition of goblins and monsters of a well-known artist Vítězslava Klimtová. If you want to learn about life at the castle from the time of greatest glory, visit the tour route that will guide you through the nooks and crannies of the castle. In the chapel you will be able to see sculptures and paintings, whilst the ballroom will deliver a painted coffered ceiling, and the exhibition in the hall shows, what the gentry ate and drank from at their feasts. The tour included the castle armoury and the bedroom of the lady of the manor with its chest and canopied bed.
You can get refreshments, stay with the children in the vaulted rooms of the castle tavern, situated in the castle, and learn of the legend of Lord Půta, which for cruelty to his subjects was taken to hell by the devil himself. "Thunder rumbled and the castle roof appeared a pillar of fire. When the devil flew with him from the castle, he shot a hole in the roof and his passage charred the edges. The master of works gave orders for the hole in the roof to be repaired, but no sooner did night fall than the hole reappeared. But no matter how it rained, the rain never wet the loft. The hole just gaped to shame the vicious master and to warn Půta’s successor not to follow his footsteps. "
After Švihov we visit the nearby ruins Roupov. It is hidden on a hill amongst the treetops, about 10 kilometers by road southwest of Přeštice. The castle was built in the late 14th century as the seat of the aristocratic family of Roupov. To the walls of the ruins leads a short gravel path lined with trees. On the right-hand side we see a granary, which was reportedly built of masonry taken from the dilapidated castle. The castle still retains the outer walls of the palace, the fortified forecourt with two bastions, the remains of the entrance wing with a gate, a round tower and the octagonal kitchen chimney. The current owner has for a number of years been engaged in efforts to restore and beautify the walls and towers. On the way back through the alley you can glimpse the bright white chapel of St. Anne. A few kilometres past Roupov in the direction of Merkín on hot summer days you can swim or just linger at the Merklín lake, chasing away fatigue and winding down.
After a refreshing rest we move about 20 km northeast to the village of Nebílovy.
A fitting ending to this trip is Nebílovský chateau, which is an example of Viennese chateau architecture. It consists of two buildings built facing one another with both sides connected by corridors and terraces. Between them you will find a fountain and lush greenery with beautiful flower beds and shrubs. Benches offer relaxation and you can enjoy the beauty all around you. The front chateau is open to the public and you will see glittering Venetian chandeliers, and view three of its rooms. The back chateau building offers a large ballroom.  Still visible are the sgraffito decorations as well as remains of the Renaissance walls. You can also see unrestored paintings of A. Tuvora and newly-walled castle chapel of St. Anthony. With beautiful feelings of a great trip we leave the grounds and walk happily to the car park located nearby.

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