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The unique region around Domažlice, neighbouring with Germany belongs to Chods – the free border guards, who were entrusted with protecting the border area and had a number of privileges granted to them by the Czech kings.

This area exudes history. Here, the local dialect and folk costumes are still alive, and during the Chod feast of St. Lawrence you can experience these first hand. All of its beauty can be seen from the heights of Čerchov and its tower.
The beginning of the trip is set in Domažlice, which is considered to be the centre of Chod and where you can see many sights. On a picturesque square you can admire the cylindrical tower and the chateau building of the Chod castle, gables and arcades. Our eyes are drawn to the Gothic church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary with a visibly leaning tower, the Augustinian Monastery, or the Gothic Dolní brána (the Lower Gate) to the east and the small gate on the south, belonging to the preserved part of the city fortifications.
After visiting the Domažlice gems we head towards the southern part of the Bohemian Forest - towards Trhanov. At the end of Domažlice we turn off from the road No. 193 onto a road to the village of Újezd where, behind a crossroads ‘U Jezera ’ (at the lake) opens a  view of a rolling countryside bathed in sunlight. In Ujezd the leader of Chods in their uprising against the nobility was born - J. Sladky Kozina. There is Kozina’s farm with a memorial hall and at the nearby Hrádek, to which we will climb, is a JS Kozina monument. From here we can get a beautiful view of Domažlice. From Hrádek we will ride downhill on field and forest red-marked paths to Trhanov, setting of Jirásek’s “Psohlavci”. Past the lime-tree lined avenue and monumental Baroque castle, which houses a memorial plaque to native J. Thomayer, well-known physician and writer, we turn on the road rising across Chodov to Výhledy. Behind Chodov, where there is a Jan Hus monument; the rise becomes sharper and we get to Výhledy on the road, with an increased heartbeat rate. This frequently-visited site with a bronze statue of J. S. Baar, offers magnificent views of the Chod region. After a moment of rest we continue along the road to Capartice, where we turn to a beautiful forest path through which we rise to the crossroads ‘pod Čerchovem’. If you have the enthusiasm and strength you can climb steeply on the paved surface to the top of Čerchov, with a sweet reward for the effort. The top of Čerchov and the Kurzova tover offers magnificent views of the distant Czech and German regions. After a hard climb we will certainly appreciate the refreshments sold below the tower.
After refreshments there is initially a less pleasant journey on a paved surface with a drainage channel to the crossroads ‘Pod Čerchovem’. This is followed by a swift and magical section - a long descent through the Čerchov forests along an asphalt path past Zelená chýše all the way to the crossroads ‘Pod Českou Kubicí’. From here we climb along a major road No. 26 to Česká Kubice village with views of Šumava and Germany. From the crossroads in Česká Kubice we head down the cycle route No. 2014 to Salka through the woods Spálený vrch and Stará Huť. The natural monument Salka lies on a slope surrounded by beech and spruce trees, 200 metres from the cycling path between Stará Huť and Pasečnice. It is a flooded tunnel in which shale was mined. From Salk we continue along the edge of the forest into the village Pasečnice, with its memorable 400-years-old lime. At the crossroads in Pasečnice we leave the cyclepath No. 2014 and follow the green-marked trail back into the slopes of Zadní skála. At the top of the climb we turn left onto a dirt road and after a sharp climb through a forest pass the crossroads ‘Bývalá hájovna Dmout’ (former gamekeeper's lodge Dmout) to Veselá Hora (the Merry Mount). This pilgrimage place with the chapel of St. Lawrence and memorable lindens provides a magnificent view of Domažlice and its surroundings.
From Vavřineček, which is a folk name for the Merry Mount, we can expect a final down-hill ride to Domažlice, on the road. With thoughts of the just-completed wonderful trip and encouraged by the vision of a good meal and drink we will be at the heart of Chod in a few minutes.

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