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Sušice web

Sušice web

Total of 20 km of hiking routes in 8 thematically focused nature trails - that is Sušice web.

Among others, you will get to know something about the match industry, something about the Hussites or you can go with your children along the river Otava and get to know more about gold panning or the inhabitants of the river…
Sušice web consists of 8 trails around Sušice (total of 20 km of hiking routes). Trails are marked by webs; each route has its own colour and is thematically focused. There you will find a total of 20 information boards, panoramic maps, rest areas with benches, tethering for horses and child elements along the roads.
So you can follow two circuits of urban ring. The oldest landmarks in Sušice – “The Royal circuit“- will lead you along a gold web. A silver web will show you the architectural treasures of the XX century. A purple colour belongs to “Calvary to Andělíček” and along an orange trail, you can climb through”Snake trail” to Svatobor. A yellow colour includes the history of the match industry and a red colour will show you Sušice as a support of the Hussites and will lead you to the monument in the form of a giant red cup on Žižkův vrch. Children will be surely pleased to follow in the green webs where “the Funny wandering along the Otava River” will wait for them. The most difficult route is marked by a blue web which connects the previous trails and the name of “On the way of the most beautiful belvederes” is not definitely superlative.”

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