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Active relaxation

Active relaxation

Visit us in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Get acquainted with our region, its people, scenery, history, sights, culture and everyday life. Come in a car, on a train or bus, on foot, on a bicycle, in a canoe, on skis or on horseback.

Visit us in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Get acquainted with our region, its people, scenery, history, sights, culture and everyday life. Come in a car, on a train or bus, on foot, on a bicycle, in a canoe, on skis or on horseback. Take an aerial view of our beautiful countryside with the beads of lakes, ribbons of rivers and endless forests expanses. Draw new vital energy from stays in the mountains, villages, wilderness or agro-tourism centres. Your companions will be the sweet smell of the meadows, hum of the forests, roar of the rapids and songs of the birds. Participate in sports, take walks, simply relax by the waterside, or swim and bathe.

   With the exception of the mountainous areas, which during the winter months will be covered in deep snow, the opportunities for scenic walks and hikes in the country are available all the year round. Well marked and maintained tourist paths lead you through places of rare natural beauty and historic interest. In fact, the total length of marked tourist paths and trails in the region is over 4,000 km, with a denser networks of trails near bigger towns and in the Šumava. Experts agree that the path marking done by the Czech Tourist Club is exceptional, and few countries can offer similar comfort to the visiting hikers.

    Among the most interesting tourist destinations are the peaks of Ostrý, Březník, Oblík and Ždánovská highlands in the Šumava; the Střela val­ley between Rabštejn and Plasy, the Úterský stream, the Krašov castle over the Berounka, the Skála castle near Přeštice and the Buben castle in the Plzeň district; Radeč, Žďár, the Berounka valley, the Libštejn castle and the valleys of the Zbirožský and Radnický streams in the Rokycany district; the valley of the Mže near Pavlovice, the Kosí stream, the Volfštejn castle, the ruins of the Přimda castle and Konstantinovy Lázně in the Tachov district; Čerchov – the highest mountain of the Český les, the church of St Anna on the Tannaberg hill near Všeruby, Koráb, the ruins of the Rýzmberk castle and the ranges of the Chudenická highlands in the Domažlice district; the valley of the Ostružná stream, the fairy-tale wood near Nalžovské Hory and Svatobor near Sušice in the Klatovy district.

   Although most of the cycling public still believe that spring and summer are the best seasons, for some, cycling has become an all-year-round activity. Cycle tracks, which are carefully planned to avoid roads with busy traffic, lead to numer¬ous tourist attractions. For instance at the foot of the Šumava and Český les, in the Brdy and in the Manětín and Rokycany districts, which are relatively flat terrains, there are scores of kilometres of well-kept forest roads and footpaths which are closed to motor traffic. Similar roads can also be found at altitudes of about 1,000 m on the large plains near Modrava. It is no overstatement to say that we are inviting you into to a real cycling paradise. Those who like dramatic climbs and down-hill rides invariably head for the mountains. However, the deep canyons of the inland rivers also offer similar experiences. In the Šumava, the most frequently visited mountain peak is Poledník (1,315 m) which boasts a viewing tower. You can also cycle to the top of Pancíř (1,214 m) near Železná Ruda and Gross Arber (1,456 m) in Bavaria. Both of these peaks can be reached by funicular. If you don’t bring your own cycle don’t worry, mountain and tracking bikes are for hire at all major tourist centres.

   Another alternative available to sportsmen is boating. The deep canyon of the Berounka river between Plzeň and Zvíkovec is a very popular location for this sport. Further down, the river flows through the picturesque Křivoklát district in Central Bohemia, to places where the writer Ota Pavel used to spend his leisure time fishing. Conveniently the Otava river is passable from Sušice to Horaždovice to Písek; experienced boating and rafting people will relish shoot­ing the rapids of the swollen spring waters of the Otava from Čeňkova Pila to Rejnštejn. As a matter of fact, this section of the river is considered to be one of the most attractive wild waters in the country. In the spring time the Otava is also passable for the boating public from Rejnštejn. On the other hand, the middle and lower courses of the Úslava and Úhlava, the upper course of the Mže and the Střela below Rabštejn are passable only at higher water marks. Boating equipment can be hired in Plzeň or Sušice.

   Recently the so-called agro-tourism has been gaining on popularity. You can choose accommodation at a cottage or farm house in the country, relish the home-made food, sing songs to a guitar accompaniment at a fireside in the evening and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of a country home. Another popular pastime is horse riding. Scores of horse riding schools all over the region hire out horses for more experienced riders and also offer lessons for beginners. Most agro-tourism facilities have their own horse stables or can arrange for riding horses to be hired by visitors.

    A wide selection of other types of accommodation is available including hotels, boarding houses, rooms in private houses and camping sites at summer holiday resorts. Parkhotel Plzeň, the Courtryard by Marriott Pilsen hotel, the Primavera hotel in Plzeň, the Srní and Šumava hotels at Srní, the OREA hotels Horizont and Špičák in Železná Ruda and the Darovanský dvůr hotel in the Rokycany district are congress-tourism centres offering a complete range of services for the demanding clientele.

As for other sports and games, a wide range of sporting facilities including various playgrounds, football fields, tennis, squash and volleyball courts, gymnasiums and sports halls are available and accessible to the public mainly in the bigger towns and tourist centres in the region.

   The lovers of high-adrenaline activities will test their capabilities at both outdoor and indoor climbing walls in Plzeň, ride roller-skates or skateboards on U-ramps and other special tracks, or go for rides in extreme cycling, skiing or boating ter­rains. You even may have your try at zorbing near Rakolusky on the Berounka. Mountain bike enthusiasts will enjoy the large Bike Park with a variety of terrain obstacles at Špičák in the Šumava.

Authors of the texts in this section are Luděk Krčmář and Jiří Zahradnický, Source: Image prospectus of the Pilsen Region - Come and enjoy Yourself


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