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Bicycle touring

There are excellent conditions for bicycle touring in the Czech Republic and it is one of the most popular sports nationwide. Cyclists can make use of well-marked cycle routes (often along unfrequented roads or forest ways) in towns and these are supplemented by cycling trails in areas around the towns. Cyclists add to the already wide range of possibilities by using the well-marked hiking routes (where, however, the hikers have priority) and unmarked forest roads and field paths. Plzeňský kraj (Pilsen Region) exceeds the already high national average, in terms of its number  of cycling routes. This is particularly due to two excellent cycling locations: Šumava and Český les. They rank among the most beautiful mountain ranges in the Czech Republic. In Šumava, a dense network of well-marked cycling tracks leading along former border and forest ways has been built. Even though you are at an altitude of about 1000 m, these are mostly flat areas with moderate ascents and descents. The associated infrastructure and services are at an exemplary level.

Český les is similar, but the number of tourists and hotels is lower, which is actually an advantage for many. Set off to discover the empty landscape of Český les, where blooming meadows full of fragrant scents and sparkling swamps intersected by small, pure streams are surrounded by dense mixed forests, together creating a poetically calm harmony needed so badly by any person who is weary of civilisation.

Other attractive locations can be found in Rokycansko, Brdy, around Kostantinovy Lázně and in the southern Plzeňsko region.

For long-distance travelling and an original cycling vacation, you can find long-distance cycle tracks in Plzeňský kraj. For example, magistrála Český les (main track Český les) takes you from Cheb, via Tachov to Domažlice (140 km). It is connected to Šumavská magistrála (Šumava main track) which will lead you across the entire Šumava mountain range within 240 km – from Domažlice, via Železná Ruda to Český Krumlov. An even bigger challenge is the long-distance track RT3 leading from German Regensburg via Bavorský les (Bavarian Forest), Kdyně and Plzeň to Praha (Prague).

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