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Boating, Bathing & Swimming

Another alternative available to sportsmen is boating. The deep canyon of the Berounka river between Plzeň and Zvíkovec is a very popular location for this sport. Further down, the river flows through the picturesque Křivoklát district in Central Bohemia, to places where the writer Ota Pavel used to spend his leisure time fishing. Conveniently the Otava river is passable from Sušice to Horaždovice to Písek; experienced boating and rafting people will relish shooting the rapids of the swollen spring waters of the Otava from Čeňkova Pila to Rejnštejn. As a matter of fact, this section of the river is considered to be one of the most attractive wild waters in the country. In the spring time the Otava is also passable for the boating public from Rejnštejn. On the other hand, the middle and lower courses of the Úslava and Úhlava, the upper course of the Mže and the Střela below Rabštejn are passable only at higher water marks. Boating equipment can be hired in Plzeň or Sušice.


Berounka River
Permanently navigable section of this river from Pilsen to Zbraslav is 138.9 km long. It is calm and slow with long stretches without many strong currents, infrequent weirs or sluices (rated: calm water). It flows through several protected areas (nature park Horni Berounka, Rohatiny, Hresihlavy, the Radotin Valley, Chuchle treeg grove, Krivoklatsko Protected Regional Preserve, Czech karst).

Mze River
Navigable section stretches from Tachov to Pilsen and it is 96.1 km long. The upper stream descends sharply. It is navigable after snow melts or rains (rated: wild water I). Further on, the river becomes wider with only occasional weirs (rated: calm water). From Hracholusky dam it is navigable all year round. It flows through Ceský les nature preserve.

Radbuza River
Naigable section from Horsvsky Tyn to Pilsen is 65.7 km long. It is necessary to wait until the water level increases in the upper part of the river. After passing through tzhe the dam, Radbuza flows through a wide valley. Majority of its weirs are not repaired (rated: calm  water). It is necessary to carry the cannoe past the dam at Ceske udoli and at the last weir in Pilsen.

Strela River
Navigable section stretches from the dam in Zlutice to Borek. It is 68.1 km long. It is navigable after snow melts, following the rain and also when the Zlutice Dam is open. Annually, mid-September is also a favorable season for all canoe-lovers on this river. The water way depends on the water level in the river. The bed of the river is owergrown with vegetation. By Rabstejn nad Strelou, there are small rapids and only few weirs. Some are navigable (rated: calm water, wild water I).

Uhlava River
The navigable, 93.5 km long, section stretches from the Nyrsko dam to Pilsen. The upper stream is passable when the dam is open in Nyrsko (annual water events take place there in September). The river flows through fields and meadows. Weirs are navigable after a close inspection (rated: calm river, the upper part - wild water I).

Uslava River
The navigable section starts at Zinkovy and ends in Pilsen. It is 65.7 km long. The water level raises when the snow melts or following the rain. The river flows through meadows, through a narrow valley, with banks overgrown with vegetation. There are many lakes along the river, the weirs are not navigable (rated: calm water, wild water I).

If the heat is too oppressive, why not go for a dip to one of the swimming pools or lakes which are suitable for bathing. The river reservoir at Hracholusky near Stříbro is an ideal place for swimming and water skiing. Here you can also take a scenic ride on a steamboat, play minigolf, or hire a boat or paddle boat. The children will enjoy themselves on water trampolines. In addition, the Velký bolevecký lake is host to many regular regattas. The Ejpovické lake with red cliffs and the flooded coal mine near Radnice are noted for their clear water. Among other lakes popular with summer holiday makers are Hnačovský in the Klatovy district, Dlouhý (Sycherák) in the Tachov district and Nový lying south of Plzeň.

Also widely used are swimming pools, for example, in Plzeň, Rokycany, Tachov, Horažďovice or in Klatovy.


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