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All year long, lovers of hiking and excursion have at their disposal more than 4,000 km of marked tourist routes which connect to all the interesting natural and historical landmarks of the region. The uniform trail marking of Klub českých turistů (Czech Tourist Club) is superior and one of the best in the world, and it will lead you to your desired trip destination with certainty. The most interesting trip destinations include: in Šumava – the peaks of Ostrý, and Oblík, and the moorlands around Horská Kvilda; Domažlice and its surroundings are beautiful, do not forget Čerchov and its observation tower as well as picturesque Náměstí přírody. In Plzeňsko, there is, for example, the valley of Střela between Rabštejn and Plasy, Odlezské jezeko (Odlezské Lake), the Radeč Natural Park, the valley of Mže in Tachovsko, Kosí potok, Hrad Volfštejn (Volfštejn Castle) and the surroundings of Konstantinovy Lázně (Konstantinsbad) with the romantic castle Gutštejn. Also attractive is Korábská vrchovina with the ruins of Hrad Rýzmberk (Rýzmberk Castle) and the entire ridge of Chudenická vrchovina, Přeštice and Vodní hrad Švihov (Water Castle Švihov). The valley of Otava with the beautiful towns of Sušice and Horažďovice and the monumental ruins of Hrad Rabí (Rabí Castle) are favourites of tourists.

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