The Pilsen - Tourist Paradise (Pilsen Region Tourism Portal) 

Other - Discover Europe network will provide you with some of the best tourist destinations around Europe, including the Pilsen region - official touristic presentation of Czech Republic - "Escape from Boredom" - touristic portal of Czech Republic - touristic server of Czech Republic - internet database of camps in the Czech Republic - specialised B2B website focusing on incoming tourism to the Czech Republic - database of benefits and discounts accorded for ISIC, ITYC and IYTC discount cards all around the world– official information server of all Czech mountains (funiculars, ski-tows, ski slopes and down-hill runs, cross country skiing, bobsleigh runs, evening skiing, weather forecast, mountain rescue, webcameras…) – information about mountain climbing - Czech spas within the scope of the European spa portal – Czechoslovak server about livestock breeding, a guide to riding-halls, stables and ranches - Information site of Microregion of Hracholusky - interesting information from the Pilsen Region - Information about rock climbing / index.php – holiday or break options appropriate in terms of accessibility for people with various disabilities - online magazine of the Centre for promoting the development of civil society (CEPROS) / news.php - a game for any owner of GPS, through which the Internet connects thousands of people around the world - breweries in the Region



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