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PLA Šumava

The Šumava protected landscape area (PLA) was founded in 1963 and its border area was declared to be the Šumava National Park in 1991. It has thus become a protected PLA of the  National Park and also the manager of other valuable parts of Šumava - such as the Královský hvozd and Černé and Čertovo jezero and Boubín, that through a political decision, are not a part of  the National Park of Šumava yet. Since then the territory of PLA Šumava not covered by National Park is 99 400 hectares.
Organization-wise management of the PLA is incorporated into the National Park administration, which promotes the common good. Different departments of the PLA are in Nýrsko, Kašperské Hory, Vimperk and Horní Planá; the headquarters of the PLA is in Sušice. PLA Šumava, like the Bavarian Forest Nature Park, protects a highly valuable cultural landscape, where nature conservation is interwound with human activities. The difference is that PLA has the greater powers enshrined in the law, while the Bavarian park operates on a more voluntary basis and on civic awareness. The green roof of Europe as Šumava it sometimes called, belongs, despite the environmental disasters that have hit it in the past, amongst the best-preserved natural sites in the country.

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