De regio Pilsen – paradijs van toeristen (Toeristisch portaal van de regio Pilsen) 

Zbiroh - Chateau

Letecký pohled

Originally a castle on a high hill overlooking a town of the same name, rebuilt to a chateau. The Zbiroh castle was founded in the second quarter of the 13th century as one of the first of its kind in the country. The later reconstructions were in the Renaissance and Baroque styles, with the last modifications in the biginning of the 20th century. Preserved from the medieval times remain a stand-alone castle defence rower, living quarters with a chapel and a gun bastion outside the castle. The artist Alfons Mucha used the spacious chateau hall as a studio.

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  • Zámek 1, 338 08 Zbiroh, district Rokycany
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  • +420 371 784 595
  • +420 606 790 833
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  • N 13° 45.718', E 49° 51.515'
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