The First Bohemian Forest Hydroelectric Power Plant in Čachrov

At the turn of the 19th and 20th century, the unfavourable situation of local farmers and the lack of water in the village of Čachrov had to be solved. On the advice of the Křižík Company, an old dilapidated mill in the valley below the village was purchased. Later, however, the mill burnt down. During the subsequent reconstruction, a new mill was builtby the Cooperative, which was also equipped with a hydroelectric power plant. It was 1902, and the first hydroelectric power plant in Bohemian Forest began operation. And not only that. At the same time, it was one of the first cooperative power plants in Bohemia, but also in the whole of Austria-Hungary.

From the aforementioned electrical engineering company, František Křižík in Karlín, which took this contract rather as a promotion of electrification, the mill received a dynamo for power generation. Thus, the entire power potential of the local Francis turbine was used, which was supplying power to the local mill machinery with a high energy surplus. During the day, the electricity powered the engines of the agricultural machinery and the pump of the municipal water supply, and in the evening it illuminated the entire village. This is how the electrification of the countryside in Bohemia started a hundred years ago.