The Klatovy Catacombs

They offer a glimpse into the faces of those whose lives and actions contributed to the creation of the still visible face of Klatovy – the church, the college, the seminary, the grammar school. All of these buildings were built by the Jesuits and thus significantly changed the architecture of a large part of the south-western part of the town.

Although today, the catacombs in Klatovy can be visited as a ‘separate object’, they have always been part of the church. The original entrance to the catacombs was from the nave, and another from the former Latin school, which now serves as a theatre.

Today, visitors can see 30 mummified bodies in the Klatovy Catacombs , 7 more are deposited in the part of the crypts inaccessible to the general public. All the bodies are under the care of conservators and a climatologist takes care of the climatic conditions of the crypts.