The Secret of Cinderella’s Shoe

The exhibition tour dedicated to Cinderella and the filming of the famous film includes four floors of the White Bastion, which can be reached by a separate entrance directly from the large castle courtyard. The tour is independent, the guide does not give a specialist commentary, but is rather a companion on the way to the mystery of the lost shoe.

The tour is intended for lovers of the fairy tale movie based on the motives of the book by Božena Němcová. A part of the exhibition is dedicated to children, who can walk through the exhibition with Rosary the Owl while performing various tasks and puzzles.

At the exhibition, you will find Vincek the stableman on his way home with the three magical nuts, Cinderella by the stream, Cinderella in her cottage with her owl Rosary, a scene from the best shooter competition, a glimpse into the kitchen with a clumsy cook, a view into the drawing room with lots of fabrics for dresses, you will see the pigeons taking apart the peas and the ashes, the royal ball, and the unforgettable final scene with the shoe and the ring. You will also learn many interesting facts about the film, see pictures from the set at Švihov, a few clips from the film, and last but not least the original script as well as some fun facts from behind the scenes and the private lives of some of the cast.