Beaver Spotting in Upper Palatinate Forest

There is a special beaver observatory for beaver spotters. The best time for beaver spotting is the dusk. But you will not be always lucky enough to see the beavers; they are shy and especially children cannot keep quiet and easily disturb the beavers. However, even if you do not see the beavers, a walk around the ponds will be great fun for children.

On the trail, you can explore a model of a beaver lodge, your kids can solve a puzzle or have fun with a sound board. You can also observe the aquatic invertebrates and amphibians that live alongside the beave in the locality. Newts, edible frogs, green leapers, water measurers and other animals are easily spotted. You can also make your trip to the beavers’ more interesting with a beaver quest. Printable worksheets are available from the website at

Length and location: The trail is 2 km long, accessible on foot from the village of Lesná, which is 4 km away, where you can also park your car. It is connected to the Lesná nature trail. The village of Lesná is about 11 km from Tachov.