Centrum Caolinum and the Nevřeň Kaolin Mine

In the nearby Centre Caolinum Nevřeň, you can see an exhibition dedicated to the unique underground mining of kaolinand its further processing. In the adjacent forests there is an old kaolin mine, newly opened to the public, which you know from the fairy tale movie Čertí brko (The Devil’s Quill). The mine has up to 500 metres of underground galleries at a depth of several dozen metres underground, about 300 metres of which are accessible. Some of the galleries are narrow, others will surprise you with their width, which reaches up to eight metres.

How is the tour organized?

The tours start at the entrance to the underground, where you will meet your guide. From the centre of Pilsen, you can get to Nevřeň by car or on a bus in about 20 minutes. From the Centrum Caolinum, it is a pleasant walk of 20-30 minutes. The temperature in the mine is always around 10°C, so it is good to dress warm even in the summer months. Comfortable shoes are also recommended. The tour lasts about an hour and can be visited by children from 4 years of age. The mine was officially opened to visitors as part of the Industry Open 2019 festival and is now open regularly.