Mysterious Boulders at the Bear Chapel

Near the beautifully restored St. Bernard’s Chapel (sometimes also called the Bear Chapel), there are several bizarrely arranged boulders at an altitude of approximately 640–645 metres. This unusual natural formation with a total area of 0.73 hectares was declared a natural monument in 1990. These are rocks of amphibolic gabbronorite, which show how the area has evolved in terms of geology. It is a typical locality of the Kdyně massif.

A place of worship with unusual energy

In this very interesting locality, not only the hearts of many an avid geological expert or a lover of natural beauty, but also of people who supposedly have a higher ability to perceive the energy around them, will sing. This grouping of boulders is historically believed to be the site of an ancient pagan cult that emits a very specific energy that sensitive individuals can sense. Be that as it may, the place itself certainly has its charms, whether you believe in a higher power or not.