Černé jezero (Black Lake)

At the end of the Tertiary period, as the climate cooled, glaciers formed on the slopes from snow avalanches. Around 12,000 years ago, the glaciers gradually thawed. The melting glaciers pushed a mass of rock and gravel ahead of them, which formed massive moraine dykes under the slopes to hold back the meltwater. Today it is fed by underground springs and external tributaries. The lake lies in the shadow of Jezerní hora (Lake Mountain, 1 343 m), whose height underlines the dominance of Černé Lake.

Černé Lake in numbers

  • The surface area is 18.93 hectares
  • At its deepest point, the depth reaches 40.6 metres
  • Černé Lake is located at an altitude of 1008 m above sea level.
  • The distance from the dam to the Lake Wall is approximately 800 metres

How does one get to Černé Lake?

The easiest way for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users leads on Špičák pass (parking lot) via the yellow-marked tarmac trail directly to the lake (3.5 km). If you are travelling by train, get off at Špičák station, from where it is about 1.5 km uphill to Špičák pass.

Our recommendation: from Špičák, take the yellow-marked trail to Čertovo Lake (2.5 km), from there follow the red-marked trail to Černé Lake (2.5 km), then take the yellow-marked trail and a gentle descent to Špičák pass, which is 3.5 km away.