Trip from Prášily to Modrava

Prášily, at an altitude of 870 m above sea level, offers accommodation and is an ideal starting point for travelling along the maintained track. The trail climbs slowly through Slunečná to the Liščí díry crossroads. Nearby is Lake Prášily, bordered by a 9 m high artificial dam and two moraines. An impressive karst wall with rock columns and stone seas rises above the water surface. One of the smaller of the Bohemian Forest lakes of glacial origin has an area of 3.7 ha and a maximum depth of 15 m.

After another ride to the Předěl crossroads, the challenge comes in the form of a climb to Poledník (Mittagsberg,1 315 m). At the top, a rather strange concrete tower stands, which used to serve military purposes in an inaccessible military zone. Since then, it has been converted into a lookout tower open throughout the summer season with a viewing platform at a height of 30 m. After returning to Předěl, the path descends to the Bavarian Path and in a steeper descent around Oblík to the former Javoří sawmill. At the end, you will enjoy a peaceful scenic skiing along the Javoří stream and later the Roklan stream, which will lead you to the former fishing village of Modrava (985 m above sea level).

Route: Prášily – Lake Prášily– Poledník – Modrava

Start: Prášily

Finish: Modrava

Length: 18 km

Character: moderately demanding trail with a well-maintained ski track, ascent to Poledník