Trip to Velký a Malý Ostrý (Großen Osser and Keinen Osser)

How does one get to the summit?

The first option is to follow the blue-marked trail from Hojsova Stráž, which is 12 kilometres long. If your starting point is the Hamry railway station, head towards Hojsova Stráž (9.5 kilometres).

If you start from Špičák pass, follow the yellow-marked trail, from which you turn to the red-marked one after 3.5 kilometres at Černé Lake. After 5.5 kilometres, you will reach the crossroads Stateček below Ostrý. It is followed by a 2.5 kilometre climb to the top. In total, you will walk 11.5 kilometres.

The longest, 16-kilometre walk awaits you if you follow the red-marked trail from Železná Ruda past Čertovo and Černé Lakes. On this occasion, you will have a beautiful view of the Bílá Strž waterfall. We definitely recommend getting to the top of Ostrý from the Bavarian side – there is also a beautiful path to the top from there.