The Museum of Motorcycles and Toys in Kašperské Hory

Some of the exhibits on display are unique in the world, preserved in one piece, others are the only surviving examples in the Czech Republic. For example, the JAC 500, the Wagner motorcycle and others. The connoisseur’s eye will also be pleased by other great motorcycles, among which we can mention, for example, a four-cylinder Ariel or a belt-driven Wanderer from 1913. However, even the layman will be impressed by the longest motorcycle in the world (a 3-seater Čechie). The exhibition also includes a collection of historical bicycles.

The museum is located in an atypical space of an old attic with a truss height of up to 14.5 m, which shows the top work of the old Bohemian Forest carpenters, who managed to build this truss without a single metal nail. The house dates back to the original 14th century building. The granite columns, for example, have been preserved from this period. Among other things, the famous writer Karel Klostermann, who lived here with his parents, spent the years of his youth here.

There is also a permanent exhibition of beer bottles in the building. This unique collection contains more than 350 types of bottles. Children will be fascinated by the exhibition dedicated to toys. Among the ancestors of the owners of the museum you will find the Brand family from Skašov, who belonged to the famous manufacturers of wooden toys. In Kašperské Hory you will see hundreds of toys from well-known toy-making regions – Skašov, Krouny, Hlinecko, Příbram and South Bohemia.