Trip along the Vydra River

The selected route between Antýgl and Čeňkova Pila allows easy access to one of the most popular Bohemian Forest locations. The main attraction here is the rocky riverbed of the Vydra, which you can admire throughout the entire stretch thanks to its unbridled beauty and temperament.

Still waters run deep

The starting point is Antýgl, a large Kunish Rangers’ manor located in the bend of the Vydra River on the road from Srní to Modrava. It is possible to park in the adjacent car camp, where wheelchair users have a reserved parking space and a mobile lavatory. From there, the trail leads about 150 metres along the road to the bridge and continues along a paved sandy path along the Vydra River, which is part of the Povydří educational trail. There is no access for cyclists there. Although the path between Antýgl and Čeňková Pila is in the opposite direction, it does not prevent you from getting to know the river and its surroundings. You will also be able to enjoy beautiful views of the boulder-strewn mountain riverbed. The initially relatively calm river course gradually turns into a wild, roaring canyon where the water finds its way between large granite boulders, creating rapids and numerous small waterfalls. The trail descends steadily throughout the entire stretch, which makes it easy especially for the wheelchair users.

Meet the bedtime story star

After about 4 km, you will reach Turner’s Cabin, which invites you to stop and have a snack. However, only with assistance, because the access to the building is not adapted for wheelchair users. The cabin is unique for the fact that it is the only accessible cabin in the first (strictest) zone of the Bohemian Forest National Park. The original building was built here in 1864–1867 to facilitate the collection of harvested timber, but over the following decades it took on its present form and changed its function to purely recreational. In addition to the restaurant, the property also offers accommodation. Children in particular will love to pet Míša the otter, who starred in the popular TV bedtime stires series Vydrýsek (the Little Otter). From Turner’s cabin, the path descends slightly again and after three kilometres ends in Čeňkova Pila, a settlement at the confluence of the Vydra and Křemelná, where the Otava River begins its flow.

Route: Antýgl – Turner’s Cabin – Čeňkova Pila

Start: Antýgl

Finish: Čeňkova Pila

Length: 7 km

Character: a smooth and ever-slowly descending path for wheelchair users and families with prams. This route assumes moving the escort vehicle from Antýgl to Čeňkova Pila, as the return journey with a wheelchair upstream of the Vydra would be difficult.