A Journey to the Bottom of the Prehistoric seas

There are Palaeozoic sites recognized worldwide, the most important of which is the Silurian/Devonian range at Klonek near Suchomasty. The so-called Barrandien reveals the secrets of millions of years of Earth’s evolution. The Geological Park is a colourful mosaic of geological and palaeontological attractions. The profiles and outcrops are not as massive as elsewhere in the world, but they are wonderfully varied and easily accessible by bike, foot, boat, train or even tram.

The Geological Park is not just a fossilised past. It contains stories of Bohemian history, industrial development and settlement of the area. The Barrandien is a jewel in the crown of Czech geology and palaeontology. The success of obtaining the status of a National Geological Park is to be attributed to several years of efforts of the Orlov Ecological Centre. The partners of the Park are, for example, the municipalities of Jince, Tetín, Strašice, Mirošov and Radnice. The establishment of the National Geological Park is also important for the development of tourism. It will offer visitors and people living on its territory a comprehensive insight into geology and palaeontology, as well as zoological, botanical, archaeological, cultural and historical contexts.